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Thank you for your interest in our work!

If you need something doesn't appear in this list, please,

contact us and we'll discuss it.


We will draw:

Fanart - Original characters - Children's illustrations - Cartoon style - Comics

We will NOT draw:

Portraits by photo - Anime - Machines - Naked - Porn - Violence - Complex backgrounds - Realistic draw


- Please describe what you want with as much details as possible.

- The final works will have the author signature.

- If the commissioned work includes characters and trademarks,

these may not be used for commercial purposes.

- The commissions belongs to you, only for private collections.

- We have the right to use the artwork as the part of our personal portfolio. 

- We have the right to post the finished commission in our personal gallery.

Payment and Shipping: 

Please contact us here and we will advise you.

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