Thank you for your interest in my work!

If you need something doesn't appear in this list, please, contact us and we'll discuss it.

I will draw:

Fanart - Original characters - Children's illustrations - Cartoon style - Comics page

I will NOT draw:

Portraits by photo - Anime - Machines - Naked - Porn - Violence - Complex backgrounds - Realistic draw


- Please describe what you want with as much details as possible.

- The final works will have my signature as author.

-If the commissioned work includes characters and trademarks,

these may not be used for commercial purposes.

- The commissions belongs to you, only for private collections.

- I have the right to use the artwork as the part of my personal portfolio. 

- I have the right to post the finished commission in my personal gallery.


I accept payments only via PayPal.

I require 50% prepay and 50% after your approval of the sketch.

If you are more comfortable with paying the whole sum upfront, you are welcome to do so.

If the price of your comission is below 100 USD, I will ask for 100% prepay.


Please allow 4-6 weeks for the delivery of your commission.

The cost of the commission, doesn't include the shipment.

Shipments are made from Argentina

Mail takes about 7 days for Neighboring Countries, 

12 days for Rest of America (U.S., Canada, and others), 

and 15 days for the Rest of the world (Europe and others).

If you require international shipping or have some other special delivery requirements,

we'll discuss the additional fee.

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