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Digital Color Department:

Silvana Brys 

Digital Color Assistant:

Patricia Carzon

Art Advisor

Pablo Zamboni 

Graphic Design

Sergio Sandoval

WCStudio is a creative studio led by Walter Carzon, a professional artist with over 25 years of experience, specializing in licensed art, character design, comics and children's illustrations.

He made comics and books with licensed characters for Warner Bros Publishing, Disney Worldwide Publishing, DC Comics, Marvel Comics Group, Curiosity Ink Media, Age of Learning, Archie Comics, Knowledge Adventure, among others.
He currently collaborated on the movie comic "Space Jam, A New Legacy" for WB and DC Comics.

Walter is an artist approved by Warner Bros to draw their "Looney Tunes", "Tom and Jerry" and "Scooby-Doo" licenses and others, on any editorial product.

He was co-founder of the creative studio "Duendes del Sur Productions", where he served as Art Director. In 2005, Walter was selected as the only latin american artist to participate in the first seminar on "Disney Princesses", organized by The Walt Disney Company in Paris, France.

He currently collaborates with the world's leading publishers, making comics, advertising character designs, video game covers, school supplies and children's books.

He has included in his professional career the development of editorial projects with his art and as a result several of his collections have been published by publishers in Argentina and Mexico.




Horacio Ottolini


Sebastian Cardoso 


Nestor Taylor


Armando DaCol 

Juan F. Bastias

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