Walter Carzon is a based professional Illustrator and Character Designer over 25 years experience in freelance specializing in Illustration, Children's Book illustrations, Animation Pre-Production, Editorial Illustrations, Character Design and Comics.

     Walter has done illustrations and comics for companies such as Warner Bros Publishing, Disney Worldwide Publishing, Marvel Comics Group, Modern School, Mc.Graw Hills, Live Pix, Knowledge Adventure, among others.

    He specializes in Children's Books, Publishing, Merchandise, Comics, Character Designs, as well as Animation Pre-Production.

     He has worked with licensed characters from Warner Bros, Disney, Dreamworks, Hanna-Barbera, Hannadeka, Cartoon Network and Blue Sky.

    Approved illustrator for Warner Bros "Looney Tunes" "Tom and Jerry" and "Scooby-Doo" in Comics and Children Books.

     Furthermore, he was a co-founder of the international creative studio "Duendes del Sur", where he worked as Art Director.

  The American Bible Society and Scholastic Inc. assigned him the aesthetics and characters design for their first Children’s Illustrated Bible as well as for several publications which followed it.

    In the year 2005, Walter was selected as a Latin American artist to take part in the first seminar on “Disney Princesses,” organized by The Walt Disney Company in Paris, France.

   Worked on different editorial projects to date including advertising, corporate, editorial, animation, merchandise, game's cover, textbooks and childrens books.

   He has included in his professional career the development of editorial projects with art own, and as a result, several of his collections have been published by different publishing houses in Argentina and Mexico.

  Clients include DC Entertainment, Scholastic Inc., Warner Bros Publishing, Jokar Productions, Caramel Editions, EDEBE, Age of Learning, Inc., Panini among many others.

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