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I have worked with Walter for over 10 years. No matter what property I ask him to draw - Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo or any of the other numerous Warner Bros. properties - he delivers great looking pages, on model, on budget and on time! It is always a pleasure working with Walter.

– Kevin Bricklin Publishing Director Warner Bros. Consumer Products.


If you need an illustrator who consistently produces top quality work, meets even the tightest deadline, and is a pleasure to work with, look no further than Walter Carzon. As a graphic designer in the licensing field, having an illustrator who can nail a character in the first or second pass is essential, especially when up against quick deadlines, and Walter IS that illustrator. Having worked with him through Duendes del Sur for the past ten years, I am very thankful to have found an illustrator of his caliber. Walter has a precise feel for licensed characters, imbuing them with personality and charm while adhering to a licensor’s strict guidelines. Walter makes all my projects that need original art easier with quick turnarounds, an ability to take critique and criticism, and beautiful illustration work. I cannot recommend Walter highly enough!

– Carisa Swenson Senior Graphic Designer Scholastic, Inc.


Walter's work for me at DC, whether done by him personally or by Duendes under his supervision, has always been of top quality. His ability to balance excellent art and storytelling skills with the accuracy & attention to detail required for working on major global brands, always placed him among my top artists. He is a pleasure to work with and unfailingly punctual.

– Joan Hilty Editor DC Comics


Walter was a pleasure to work with, even from very far away. The project required a challenging timeline and Walter was certainly able to deliver. The quality of his work was exceptional and he had a broad understanding of the particular needs of the project we worked on together.

– Kim Sager Editor Modern Publishing.


Walter Carzon is an amazing artist, I was privileged to work with him at my time at Warner Bros. Worldwide publishing, In addition to creating an enormous amount of great artwork, he was never late on a single deadline. Walter was fortunate to be the first artist to illustrate Warner Bros. " Pinky and the Brain" comic and he did such an amazing job he basically set the standard for the entire series. As an illustrator, he is not only very talented at bringing life to his characters, but he also goes the extra mile to push for truly extraordinary layouts. Walter is very friendly and extremely easy to work with and I would strongly recommend working with him if you have the opportunity.

– Peter Tumminello Art Director Warner Bros. Worldwide Publishing.




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